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Patron Saint FR 2 Tone Closed Front Cotton LS Shirt with 3M F/R Tape

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Fabric:190gsm Cotton Drill
Closed front taped shirt with twin flap pcokets. Two tone front & back wih Gusset Sleeves, with press studs.

Complies with International F/R standards: BS EN ISO11612:2008 Protective Clothing to protect against heat and flame - Clause 6.3.

Hoop Pattern 3M8935 F/R & Anti-static reflective tape.

ARC Thermal Protection Value - ATPV Rating: 6.8 Cal/cm2 (Calories per cubic centimeter) Comply with ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 Standard HRC: 1

Flame Retardant
Patron Saint®
• 190gsm Patron Saint F/R cotton fabric. Arc Thermal Protection Value — ATPV Rating of: 6.8 Cal/cm2 (in Calories per cubic centimetre). Comply with NFPA70E: electrical safety in the workplace: ASTM F105WF195gM.12, Standard Test Methods according to ASTM F1505-10a(Requite ATPV Cal/cm2 + FR ISO 14116) for Determining the Arc Rating Of Materials for Clothing. Incident Energy Range: 4 to 8 Cal/cm2 for HRC1.• 311gsrn Patron Saint F/R cotton fabric. Arc Thermal Protection Value — ATPV Rating: 14.0 Cal/cm2 (in Calories per cubic centimetre). Comply with NFPA70E: Electrical Safety in the workplace: ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 Standard TestMethod according to ASTM F1506-10a(Requite ATPV 4+ Cal/cm2 + FR ISO 14116) for Determining the Arc Rating Of Materials for Clothing, Incident EnergyRange: 8 to 24 Cal/cm2 for HRC2.• Comply with BS EN ISO 11612:2008 (Next higher than ISO 14116 Protective Clothing to Protect against Heat and Flame__
• Complies with the Oeko-tex100 Certificate. no Azo-dyes. Nickel... Industry minimum formaldehyde levels of (<75ppm) Safe to wear against the skin.
• Comply HiVis Standards of AS/NZS1906.4: 2010 & AS/NZS 4602.1: 2011.
• 100% nature comply AS/NZS1020:1995 Anti Static.
• 3M8935 F/R & Anti-static Reflective Tape.
• Comply with AS/NZS 4399:1999 -- UPF50+.
• 50+ domestic washes @60oC, tumble dry.DNC Patron Saint Flame Retardant Range: Day, D/N Shirts, Trousers, coveralls & Jackets. Suitable Industries: Oil. Gas. Electrical. Infrastructure. Mining…

100% Cotton
DNC has an extensive 100% cotton range for a natural feeling garment with anti-static and electrical protection features.

3M Scotchlite
Australia Supply
DNC use 3M Reflective tape through the Hi-Visibility range. 3M Australia Supply is only provided for distribution to approved 3M Australia Supply partners with national wide quality guarantee. Check details under product for relevant 3M codes. All 3M reflective tapes complies with AS/NZS1906.4:2010 for HiVis materials.
3M8910 = 3M8912 R-tape Home wash up to 50 cycles @60o C. Anti-static 3M8906 R-tape Home wash up to 30 cycles @ 60o C.3M8935 Industrial wash 50 cycles @ 60o C.. Flame retardant and Anti-static reflective tape ACR Rated:11.9 ATPV.

HiVis D/N Fabric & Design
New AS/NZS 4602.1:2011
DNC HiVis garments are manufactured to comply with HiVis standard Class F, AS/NZS 1906.4:2010, Class D/N, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 to meet requirements of HiVis Safety standards, HiVis fabric & Design for garments, for day and night use.

SUN Protection
UPF 40+ - 50+DNC garments are tested for UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) in accordance with AS/NZS4399:1996. Tue level of protection varies depending on the fabric and colour of the garment: 15+ good protection, 30+ / 35+ very good protection, 40+ / 50+ excellent protection.

Electrical Protection
DNC cotton made garments containing no metal buttons or zippers and are suitable for use in electrical or gas trades.

Carbon grid Anti-static
The latest technology is used in the production of DNC Flame retardant + Carbon grid Anti-static 98%.
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